Individual work:

Psychotherapy Sessions:

Therapy sessions are in-person.  Most are 60 minutes long (prorated 90 minute & 30 minute sessions are also available), and all are billable by insurance (though I am not on any insurance panels). Psychotherapy is meant to be a long term treatment, focused on deep healing. We unpack the core beliefs and wounding in your system, and we work to unravel the tension, pain, relationship patterns, & destructive behaviors these beliefs are connected with.

Most people begin psychotherapy with weekly or twice-monthly sessions, in order to fully address the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks in your system. Email me to further inquire.

Coaching /Consultation Sessions:

Coaching is different from psychotherapy in that it tends to be tool-based (therapy is usually a long term relationship built on the medical model—i.e. diagnosis & treatment). Coaching is not a health care service—it takes an action-based & client-centered approach, with specific tools taught to the student. Coaches/consultants do not diagnose, nor do they spend time analyzing thoughts and behaviors; rather, we ask how we can work to remove the mental & emotional blocks to your desires, and the student focuses on the integration of the tools on their own.

Though I have a degree in clinical psychology, it is important to understand the differences between coaching & psychotherapy. We will assess together which relationship is best at the outset of our work. Should we decide to change the nature of our relationship, that will be made explicit between us, along with different expectations, etc. If you are a phone person, we will automatically be doing coaching/consultation work, as long term psychotherapy is not appropriate for this context. Thus, if you feel you are in need of weekly therapy, or are currently in crisis/ feeling mentally unstable, phone consultation sessions are not advised.

The majority of the coaching tools I utilize are from Kiran Trace. You can check out her work here:

Email me to further inquire.

Group Work:

Group coaching sessions are both in-person & online, & combine various educational elements, but they are not group therapy (and therefore not billable by insurance). Currently, group sessions are closed (reserved for people I already work with). Once you are connected with me individually (and if you are interested), we will discuss you joining an existing group or becoming part of a new one. The groups create a healing community that outlasts the work with me; working openly with one another, you get the benefit of others' journeys, and form deep connections by virtue of the intimacy this format creates.         

Current group sessions:

Awakening & Healing Practice Group A (Mixed In-person & Online):  Second Tuesdays of the month from 6pm-7:30pm, at my office.

Awakening & Healing Practice Group B (Online): First Fridays of the month from 3:30-5pm. 


I have a meditation project called Embodied Together, with musician Austin Peters.

Downloadable embodiment meditations, with beautiful musical accompaniment, are available on our Bandcamp page (including a free 17 minute starter meditation):


I provide clinical supervision to both post-degree licensure candidates and already-licensed professionals who are interested in integrative approaches, including somatic/embodiment meditation and nondual/spiritual inquiry. Supervision rates are the same as my therapy rates. Email me if you are interested.  


My Office:

561 W. Diversey Parkway, Suite 210, Chicago, IL, 60614

NOTE: The elevator entrance is at 541 W. Diversey, on the other end of the building. Suite 210 is on the 2nd floor and equidistant from both entrances. Come on in--there is a waiting room in the suite.

Getting Here:

By Car:  The office is a short drive from both the Fullerton and Belmont exits off Lakeshore. There is ample metered parking on Diversey, as well as hourly parking in the AT&T building across the street. You can usually find unmetered spots in in the neighborhood as well, especially if you go further north or east. 

By CTA:  The 22, 36, 76, and 151 buses all stop very close to the office. The Diversey Brown Line stop is about a 10 minute walk.


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