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I am trained in clinical psychology and have been working as a therapist since 2001. I hold a PsyD (clinical psychology doctorate), received my license to practice in 2005, and have worked in a variety of settings over the years, including academia and integrative health. 

I utilize several tools and techniques, including cognitive/mental inquiry, embodiment/somatic meditation, the socratic method, spiritual counseling, nondual psychotherapy and more, depending on the person and our focus. Our sessions could simply be called conversations—two people sharing, with the main focus on relieving your suffering, and helping you to access your natural freedom and unique gifts.

I've spent my adult life pursuing healing traditions and looking for the deepest truth and freedom I can find—in the fields of psychology, philosophy, energy/body work, spiritual/non-dual teachings, and art & literature. What has this availed me? Nothing, in a sense. I haven’t found the answers. No beliefs or theories to stand on. But I have found peace & freedom.

As Chogyam Rinpoche said:

“The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground.”

There are ways to surrender to this freefall, and this is what I am offering—a process of dropping into the natural flow of life, into the spacious presence that is already here, already holding us. We can release ourselves from our mind's grip, and from the pain and stress we feel when we believe our thoughts. We are already home, already safe---but we must teach our wounded bodyminds that this is so.

I welcome you to check out the resources---my own healers and teachers are listed there---they have much to offer. My blog posts are updated regularly; they will give you a sense of how I think and work.



"Working with Meghan is like a breath of fresh air.  Whatever you might be going through in life, Meghan helps to face it with ease and compassion that brings about true healing, all along guiding you to find the truth within yourself that leads to overall well-being." 

-KB, Nashville, TN

“Working with Dr. Roekle has opened my eyes to a new world and way of living. Her warm demeanor and unapologetic sense of humor makes it easy to feel safe and supported in her presence. She has helped me to find the sources of my anxiety, to challenge my fears, and to identify lingering emotional pain from my past. She taught me to live my truth and to love myself unconditionally. I would highly recommend Dr. Roekle!”

-VC, Chicago, IL

"Dr. Roekle helped me clear out my mental clutter, and uncover the truths in my life. She has given me the most important gifts I could have ever received: the tools to navigate the uncertainty of life; and the knowledge that everything is just as it should be. Sure, I still struggle, but I am now better equipped to deal with my thoughts and feelings. Dr. Roekle is such an important part of my life, and it's a true blessing to be a part of hers."

-DC, Chicago, IL

"When I first visited Meghan, I was looking for tools that would help me deal with some stress and anxiety in my life that had started to affect my health. What I found were the tools I was looking for - and much more. What I was not expecting was that our conversations, and the resources Meghan provided, would lead me to a completely new outlook on life as a whole, and enable me to find a connection between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimension. It has not only given me a new understanding of the processes that are causing stress and anxiety, but a much deeper and holistic way to grow as a person in general."                               

-BO, Los Angeles, CA

"Dr. Roekle is an exceptionally gifted therapist. When I was referred to her practice I almost didn't recognize the fearful being I had become, frozen in a state of existential despair. Though I felt extremely vulnerable and was foreign to quality therapy at that time, it didn't take long for me to relax into Dr. Roekle's kind presence and respectful curiosity that clearly wanted to help me feel better. As a self-described "piece of work" during our first session, my whole self--intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical--soon found a safe harbor of support in Dr. Roekle's care. After several conversations, in addition to somatic meditations, we were able to unravel a complex tangle of traumas that had accumulated in my body. Due to Dr. Roekle's agile and intuitive guidance, including her creativity and wonderful sense of humor, I've been able to process and let go of so many layers of painful conditioning. My natural state has found its way back home to the simple peace of embodied awareness. Life has so much capacity for joy now. I'm forever grateful for the grace of finding Dr. Roekle's practice."

-WM, Los Angeles, CA

"Three years ago I met Dr. Roekle. I was at the lowest point of my life, recovering from a major health threat, fired from my job and in the midst of a divorce from my wife of 18 years. This was my mental state of mind when I first entered the calming warmth of Dr. Roekle’s office. She slowly gained my trust and I opened up to her revealing my life, both positive and negative tendencies. And she NEVER passed judgement. The time would fly by far too fast and before we knew it, my session was over. Dr. Roekle patiently stitched my fragmented mind back together leaving behind this new found knowledge that has helped me avoid further mistakes. These tools I will forever carry with me. I can never thank her enough, so yes I highly recommend this amazing wise and caring therapist."

-MS, Chicago, IL