"We're all just walking each other home."  

-Ram Dass


We humans are amazing & puzzling, often working against ourselves due to ancient fear conditioning that overrides what comes naturally. We are born, innocently exploring the world, and moving with inner tides that arise spontaneously---eating, smiling, playing, crying. We feel right at home in ourselves, in the world. But then comes 'right and wrong' & 'good and bad' & 'us and them'...and confusion and stress begin.

We have, as a species, come out of our natural being and into our minds, captivated by a self referencing story of how this, how we, should be. And there are so many stories--layers and layers of confusion and pressure in our systems, from our family histories and beyond. These stories & beliefs can be observed with a loving, yet questioning eye, and this conditioning in our systems can be healed. 

As a psychologist, my work is to uncover these beliefs with you, to assist you in healing the pain & tension in your system, and to point you toward the natural & vibrant state of being that is your birthright, your true home.



Testimonial Excerpts:

"Dr. Roekle is an exceptionally gifted therapist."

"Working with Meghan is like a breath of fresh air."

“Working with Dr. Roekle has opened my eyes to a new world and way of living.”


"Dr. Roekle helped me clear out my mental clutter, and uncover the truths in my life."


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