These websites have practical insights and tools you can utilize today.

Byron Katie

'Katie' offers a straightforward inquiry practice of questioning thoughts and finding freedom, right in the present moment. Her website has a ton of free material, as well as links to hours of videos on YouTube. There is a vast, worldwide network of practitioners of 'The Work' whom you can connect with anytime as well.

Judith blackstone

Judith experienced a spiritual awakening by embodying so deeply that 'fundamental consciousness' was unveiled: "a subtle dimension of consciousness pervading our own being and everything around us as a unified whole." She is a clinical psychologist and  teaches an embodiment practice, alongside psychological insights, regarding how our conditioning is stored in the body. You can order her books and CDs on the website.

Jeff has a variety of writings and videos to help us 'dive courageously into the now.' He was depressed for many years, and an exhausted spiritual searcher; he encourages us to notice how the mind works--that "All our problems are just thoughts. And thoughts are not a problem."

kiran trace


Kiran is my core teacher and very unique. She has practical tools to help us drop our conditioning and embody our deepest desires, as well as support for people going through an awakening process or confused by past spiritual teachings. Download-able books and audio meditations, video and written blog, classes, individual sessions, retreats--there are many ways to connect with Kiran.

joey lott

Joey is very down to earth and revealing of his true lived experiences, encouraging letting go and surrendering to what is happening--he tried everything else to no avail. Lots of videos on YouTube, free books on his website.

Marshall Rosenberg

In Dr. Rosenberg's own words:  “Nonviolent Communication shows us a way of being very honest, without any criticism, insults, or put-downs, and without any intellectual diagnosis implying wrongness.”  His books are very practical; they assist us in communicating as effectively and authentically as possible. Get one of his books and put it in your purse/backpack! 

paul hedderman

Paul is deft at describing the problem of addiction and of human suffering in general. He talks with Alcoholics Anonymous groups and holds 'satsangs,' talking about the habit of mind he calls 'selfing' and how to free ourselves from its grip. Hours of audio meetings on his website and hours of live meetings on YouTube.

Mama gena

Regena Thomasauer is interested in women getting back to desire and pleasure, tapping into their deepest desires and asking for what they really want, versus operating from sacrifice and compromise, as we have been taught to do. She holds workshops and intensives, and has several books and videos, as well as a large and vibrant community to connect with.

reggie ray

Reggie teaches somatic meditation, and offers various retreats, programs, and online teachings, both introductory and more advanced. Lots of approachable meditative practices and community/practice groups all over the country. 

Gangaji was one of the first nondual spiritual teachers I encountered and some of her teachings have been instrumental, including the invitation to simply 'stop searching.' She has hours of videos on YouTube, as well as a radio program, books, etc.

more people & websites                                                     300 + interviews with 'ordinary spiritually awakening people' hosted by Rick Archer.                                             'The Power of Now' author & beautiful teacher. Worldwide supportive community.                                            Beautiful teacher, meditations on website. Living from the 'truth of our essence as love.'                                      Psychologist & professor with inspired religious & philosophical lectures online.                                                        Mooji hosts a big community, satsangs/meetings and provides practical teachings.                                              Podcast for people on the 'embodied spiritual path.' Honest & insightful conversation.                                                  Lisa has online meetings & private sessions on nondual awareness & love of everything.                                 John Prendergast, PhD does presence-centered and body-based psychotherapy.                                                 World renowned teacher with beautiful ways of pointing to stillness & awareness.                                                     Self-inquiry method pioneered by Douglas Harding, with effective experiments to try.                             Tools for releasing suffering from addiction, from 'living inquiries' teacher, Scott Kiloby.                                   Matt is a 'psychotherapist, spiritual friend, writer, and teacher' with a helpful blog.