Embodied Together


Embodied Together is a monthly community meditation here in Chicago.

This has been a dream of mine for a long time—to bring together clients, friends, & people in the community to practice together. I also want to democratize healing tools—taking them to the streets, into the pubs…out of the spiritual centers & yoga rooms (not that these places aren’t beautiful!).

My whole life, & the lives of my clients, have changed using these tools (the majority of them from Kiran Trace)—I simply want to share the fulfillment. We hope to be doing these meditations monthly, & we welcome you to spread the word, bring your friends. 

Here are the details for our next one, September 8th, from 10-11:30am at Tied House Loft, 3157 N. Southport Ave.

• The venue is upstairs, inside Tied House restaurant. There will be someone there to greet you & point the way.

• Arrive a little before 10am so you can sign in, settle & get comfortable.

• Bring $15 cash. Or your Venmo account. Write down your email with our greeter, so we can mail you the recording of the meditation, & so you can be informed of future meditations (& other events, like a retreat this year).

• There are plenty of chairs & couches to sit in, but if you prefer to sit on the floor, be sure to bring your own meditation cushion & blanket, etc. 

• Bring your own water, coffee, etc. for the meditation. You will be able to get other food & drink at the restaurant after.

• The meditation itself will be about 45 min long, accompanied by live ambient music by Austin Peters (incredible maestro!). 

• We will be doing embodiment & stillness meditation. 

• The last 30-45 min will be for questions & conversation. You are also free to hang out after for a bit, including going downstairs to Tied House restaurant—they are offering a 10% discount for anyone who attends the meditation. (P.S. You are going to want to hang out with the amazing like-minded folks you’ll meet).

We can’t wait to see you there! And please, follow our channels:


*Disclaimer: Please note that this meditation is not meant to replace medical and/or psychological treatment. Moreover, though it is a gentle embodiment process, you will likely feel emotion & pain in the body (which is normal, part of the process). However, if you have a history of significant trauma and/or are not used to accessing feeling/sensation, consider that this meeting may be inappropriate as a first step in your healing. Rather, seeking personalized, one on one treatment with a trained professional is advised.